Lavender Water


Great for spraying onto your pillowcase for a relaxing nights sleep or use it in your iron to give your clothes a lovely fresh scent; or a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow or a spray of lavender water will help induce a restful sleep. It may be safely sprayed around foods to keep flies away and may be used as a room freshener. It may also be sprayed on plants to control mealy bug and aphids; cuts and scrapes may be cleansed with lavender water to reduce the risk of infection or it is terrific in the final wash to keep your pet flea free and cuddle-worthy AND it is good to clean makeup off and to tone the face.


Ingredients:  Lavender Hydrosol

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1 Litre Screw Cap, 1 Litre Pump, 500mL Screw Cap, 500 mL Pump, 250L Pump