Hanging Diffuser


These amazing essential oils will make a wonderful addition to your car, room, bathroom or cupboard!  Just unscrew the wooden lid, remove the plastic plug and rescrew the wooden lid back on and hang in a shady spot Just upend your diffuser once a week to refresh the essential oils.  It may be refilled once empty.  You have a choice of tear drop shaped diffusers with rose gold, silver or black accents or box shaped diffusers with silver or rose gold tops.  The essential oils can be either lavender essential oil or or our Mellow Me blend – a mix of lavender, frankincense and bergamot essential oils.

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Ingredients:  Lavender Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil (Mellow Me Blend) OR Lavender Essential Oil

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Tear Drop Silver Lavender, Tear Drop Silver Mellow Me, Tear Drop Rose Gold Lavender, Tear drop Rose Gold Mellow Me, Tear Drop Black Lavender, Tear drop Drop Black Mellow Me, Cubic Rose Gold Lavender, Cubic Rose Gold Mellow Me, Cubic Silver Lavender, Cubic Silver Mellow Me